The History of Vern's Pizza

The Vern’s Pizza Company Ltd. began in the year 1990 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The first store was operated out of a convenience store named Vern’s Place. Vern’s product was customer driven from the beginning. Our pizza is like no other, known for it’s high quality ingredients from start to finish. With the introduction of Pizza by the slice as a meal in itself the demand began to grow and so did Vern's name. Soon thereafter it was necessary for the company to franchise.

Vern’s Pizza grew from its provincial borders and expanded into Alberta. As our popularity continued to expand so did the number of stores and we have launched into Manitoba. For many years the cities in which we have a presence we are known for having the biggest and best pizza in town.

Always trying to stay in touch with our customers, Vern’s Pizza continues to expand the menu. While maintaining our classic thick pizza, a new lighter version was introduced. Wanting to offer more, we have introduced many complementing side dishes to better fulfill a complete meal.

The Vern’s Pizza Company Ltd. has introduced a revitalized vision. In modernizing our image, creating a comfortable atmosphere for our customers and offering industry-leading technology we will continue to prove that our customers come first.

Our goal is to build on our brand across Canada so that more people can experience what Vern’s Pizza has to offer.